“Refund Money” eu petitions

We are requesting the MPs responsible for the environment in each European country, as well as the European Commissioner of the Environment to introduce a deposit scheme for single use plastic bottles, aluminum cans and tetra packs.

The deposit scheme proved its efficiency in Germany, The Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries. This refund money that every person receives upon returning the plastic bottles & aluminum cans led to the direct involvement of the citizens and the manufacturers, selling and collecting the items becoming a circular process through which the materials are used for manufacturing new products.

For the citizens, the deposit scheme means paying a small deposit when purchasing the desired product, this deposit being refunded to the citizen upon returning of the packaging.

For the manufacturers, the deposit scheme may lead to replacing single use packaging with reusable one, collaborations with recycling companies or paying a fee to the Ministry of Environment.

For adding the present issue on the national and European political agendas, more associations and European NGO’s formed the Refund Money Coalition.
We need a strong voice to implement the deposit scheme and therefore we are asking other NGOs, associations, organizations and eco-conscious citizens to join and contribute to the main goal of this petition- collecting 1.000.000 signatures.

This petition is a civil initiative of Let’s Do It! BELGIUM and the Refund Money Coalition, joined by Plastic Free Nature Fund and ALTERNATIVE.

Sign & share, join us into creating positive change:

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