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Zero waste living with Bea Johnson & 3 Romanian activists, April 2018

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Ioana Tănase, ALTERNATIVE, November 2017

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Life without plastic. Take the challenge!

TEDxOradea, November 2017

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The ALTERNATIVE project, October 2017

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Plastic Free Lifestyle, think thank for living plastic free

Green Report, August 2017

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Plastic Free Lifestyle, the community of plastic-free supporters

Green Report, August 2017

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Transylvaliens, the eco sustainable festival

Green Report, July 2017

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Single use: ONGs want a deposit scheme for PET & aluminium cans

Green Report, March 2017

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Single use: The Greenpeace app helps you count the plastic you are using during 1 year

Green Report, March 2017

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Single use: what can you use instead of the plastic bag. 5 alternatives, made in Romania

Green Report, February 2017

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30 euros to give up plastic. Made in Sibiu

Turnul Sfatului, December 2016

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The young people who have completely gave up plastic

Digi24, December 2016