Inspired by the energy & purity of the ocean and the majesty & calm of high-mountain snowy peaks and shocked by the current patterns of consumption and waste of the ‘single-use’ society that leaves traces even in the most pristine places of our planet, ALTERNATIVE was born. Our love for nature pushed us to be inquisitive about our surroundings and everyday lives. While observing the degradation of general human health and the environment, we started looking for solutions, for sustainable and ethical ALTERNATIVEs to plastic, the main pollutant of our oceans and our blue planet.

We started creating our lives, questioning the mainstream trends and looking for something different.

We believe that less is more, that a minimalist lifestyle allows us to focus on the simple things that really matter in life and spent more time outdoors, observing & experiencing nature and discovering its sustainable and resilient way of being. In the natural environment, everything has a purpose and everything communicates. It is a circular lifecycle where nothing is lost, only transformed.

Our ALTERNATIVE journey stands for a happy healthy living where the progress of today’s world blends smoothly with the natural way of living of our ancestors.

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